Electric back and neck massager

Electric back and neck massager
Electric back and neck massager

Massage wrap is an electrical device for a certain kind of treatment. Due to the fact that a mechanical effect on the muscles is carried out, the device, in general, has a beneficial effect on human health. This is especially true for office workers, those who lead a sedentary lifestyle. Note that massage with an electric massager is not inferior in efficiency to manual massage, which is performed by an experienced specialist.

The principle of operation of the electric massager

The design of the apparatus provides for the presence of an engine, which ensures the movement of working elements. They are unique percussion mechanisms or a combination of rollers, which, upon contact with the body, produces various methods of action, this can be:

  • Vibration;
  • Tapping;
  • Creation of a compression effect;

Torque transmission

In accordance with this, manufacturers offer their customers the following types of massage capes:

Electric back and neck massager  2
Electric back and neck massager 2

Shiatsu cape

1. Shiatsu Cape – Ideal for a car seat or office. The product, thanks to the roller base, affects the neck and back area. This method of relaxation is comparable to a full therapeutic massage. However, you must take into account that you will not be able to lie down on the cape. And this is due to the fact that the rollers begin to function only if the body is not pressed against the massager.

Electromassage cape

2. Electromassage cape, during use, provides complete relaxation. This is due to the vibration applied to the back and seat area. The peculiarity of this solution lies in the presence of motors, which gives the desired effect during operation.

Vibrating cape

3. Vibrating cape assumes the function of adjusting the intensity of the impact. Compared to the previous version, this electric massager can be used on a horizontal surface.

The use of an electric massager makes it possible to increase blood circulation, warm up, relax with fatigue and muscle tension. Also, the device allows you to restore motor abilities if your joints are affected.

Scope of massage capes

The massage cape is almost a universal device. It can be used anywhere you go. At home, place it on an armchair, sofa, or chair. The device can be taken to the office, it is great for the car. Using the electric massager is extremely simple. It is necessary to fix the cover on the chair or seat, and then turn it on. Typically, the duration of the massage varies between 30-60 minutes, depending on the selected mode.

Electric back and neck massager  3
Electric back and neck massager 3

Additional functions

Some models of electric massagers are equipped with a heating function. This is convenient if you plan to use the cape, for example, in a car. The massager also has a healing effect. Sometimes, in addition to infrared heating, the models also have a special blue glow – a kind of beneficial effect on the nervous and cardiovascular systems. It happens that the massage capes also have a cooling option, which is provided for the sultry summer conditions.

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