How is vibration massage useful?

To maintain your own health, you need to observe several basic rules: eat at the same time, do not eat junk food, exercise regularly, observe the daily regimen. Massage is perfect as an addition to this complex.

How is vibration massage useful?
How is vibration massage useful?

Useful properties of vibration massage

Vibrating massage has become a very popular area of ​​physiotherapy. In reasonable quantities, it contributes to the full recovery of the physical body of a person, normalizes various biological processes. Initially, vibration massage was performed by a massage therapist, but since the 19th century, electrical devices have been used. Gustav Zander founded a training center for vibratory massage techniques, he collected all available knowledge into a single system. A device was developed that carried out mechanical vibrations, later scientists discovered its beneficial effects on the body.

The benefits of vibrations lie in the fact that blood flow accelerates, nutrition at the cellular level increases, nutrients are better absorbed. In addition, the activity of the nervous system is normalized, the negative impact of stress is reduced. You will notice how the pain in the muscles disappears, the skin regains its natural elasticity. Due to the acceleration of metabolism, a gradual body shaping occurs.

The device can operate at different amplitudes. If you set a moderate vibration frequency, then this mode will have a positive effect on recovery from paralysis, and will help heal the inhibited reaction. But if the patient suffers from seizures and neuralgia, then increased vibration will help.


Vibrating massage therapy is indicated in the following cases:

  • Overweight and cellulite;
  • Nervous system pathologies;
  • The initial stages of asthma development;
  • Disruption of the bile ducts;
  • Inflammation of the lungs in the weakening stage of the disease;
  • Bowel problems;
  • Recovering from a stroke.


It should be remembered that for some diseases it is forbidden to use vibration massage. Among them:

  • Rickets;
  • Spine injury;
  • Increased body temperature;
  • Inflammation of the skin;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • High blood pressure;
  • Vascular dysfunction.

Vibration massage technique

Grease should not be used as a lubricant. If it is required to carry out therapy on the legs, lower back or abdomen, then the patient should be in a lying position. In other cases, a sitting position is required.

Amplitude control should go up and reach the peak. Then the vibration frequency should be gradually reduced.

The first sessions of vibration massage should not exceed 5 minutes in duration. Over time, you can increase the procedure time to 10 minutes. The frequency between visits is 1 day.

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