How to choose a hand massager

Of course, everyone knows about the beneficial properties of massage. In addition to the obvious benefits, massage is often just a pleasant procedure that will not only improve the general physical condition of the body, but also can lift your mood.

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  • HAND RELAXATION: This massager helps soothe hands pain and effectively relieve carpal tunnel, trigger finger and finger numbness,achy hands,stiff finger,soothe sore hands/wrists, tightening fingers,fingers coldness strain and improve wrist and hand blood circulation.
  • AIR COMPRESSION MASSAGE AND HEAT: 3 levels intensity of air compression point therapy,which can be applied to different people requirement.and with graphene heating technology quickly heating for hand relaxation.
  • AUTOMATIC MASSAGE MODES: 3 automatic massage modes named “Refresh,Recover and Relax” modes,REFRESH MODE to massage the TOP of the HAND and the WRIST area equally,RECOVER MODE to focus on the TOP of the HAND,RELAX MODE to focus on the BOTTOM of the HAND and WRIST.Each mode will alternately compress and release pressure on the hand in various ways in order to massage muscles and relieve stress.
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How to choose a hand massager
How to choose a hand massager

Even a few minutes of massage a day can have a beneficial effect on the body. However, not everyone has the opportunity to get an appointment with a masseur or salon. In this case, we have a huge selection of massagers for home use.

But even here not everything is simple. The choice is so huge that it is very easy to get confused in it. Therefore, I propose to briefly talk about the main types of home massagers using the example of hand massagers.

Why did we choose hand massagers for this article?

How to choose a hand massager 2
How to choose a hand massager 2

Acupuncture points on the palm

In all civilizations, since ancient times, people have paid attention to the beneficial effects of hand massage on the state of the body. Known ancient Indian and ancient Egyptian hand massage. But hand massage was especially deeply worked out in ancient China, elements of this teaching today underlie many modern manual and hardware techniques.

In simple words: What does the massager do? It works on soft tissues. How he does it? The types of exposure can be mechanical, thermal, ultrasonic, pulsed or vibration. In complex devices, the types of exposure can be combined.

We will not consider mechanical hand massagers, endless balls, rollers and tweezers that filled the shelves in the 90s of the last century due to their simplicity and cheapness.

Cunmiso Cordless Electric Hand Massager for Arthritis Air Compression Pain Relief Gifts with 6 Levels Pressure Point Heating Shiatsu Therapy Massage Machine for Wrist Carpal Tunnel Finger Numbness

  • CARE ABOUT YOUR HANDS RELIEVE PAIN – Wireless hand massager would be a blessing to knock down all types of symptoms to Arthritis, like wrist pain, joint pain, tingles, and the carpal tunnel syndrome tendonitis, especially senior citizen. Besides, hand massager should be the perfect gift to improve blood circulation and reduce pain for a desk worker, pianist, house-worker or a person who enjoins his hands into the relentless work. Please use 5V2A ADAPTER to charge with the TYPE C cord included.
  • 6 ADJUSTABLE MODES TO MEET YOUR NEEDS – Cordless electric hand massager is designed for providing 6 different pressure point therapy with 6 levels of intensity. A blessing for the Arthritis patient for different needs. Hand massager machine offers premium shiatsu and acupoints massaging with air compression. It comes with ergonomic design by evenly pressure distribution to the acupuncture points of palm and wrist. Built-in 15min timer, it will turn off by itself. Enjoy the best relaxing time!
  • PAMPER YOUR HANDS SAFELY WITH HEATING & VIBRATING – Wrist massager is specially designed safely for applying warm compression. No electric leakage or short circuit. Heat up to around 104°F and create pressure in every corner of your wrist and palm. The heat functionalities will await you for 5min to reach the optimum temperature. It has 2 vibrational modes so you can toggle between two and stimulate more blood circulation. Perfect size to fit everyone. A family pain reliever for hands.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY ENSURES 100% COMFORT – Handheld massager has brought innovation for providing amazing comfort with better inside cushions. It is soft and comfortable massager wear and you can alleviate hand’s pain remarkably. Silica gel at the bottom helps to fix therapy massager without sliding. 2500mAh rechargeable battery ensures long lasting using time. Charge it ONCE and you can use FOR HOURS WITHOUT worrying about cords or outlets. Wireless design gets rid of plugging in and out.
  • BEST GIFT & BEST SERVICE – Nearly 500 patients suffering from arthritis have TESTED the massage tool. Pain DECREASES day after day and more strength in muscles. It is recommeded to use hand massager with heat for 1-2 times daily to relieve the aches and improve sleeping quality. Great gift for families, especially for the elderly. If you have any questions, please contact us at once. We’ll response quickly and meet your requirement. After you get hand massager, just enjoy the best experience!

Let’s pay attention to active (electric) massagers.

Surprisingly, the market is mainly focused on models that are fairly simple to work with, which, at the same time, cannot be called cheap, given that they mainly use one type of influence.

Even marketplaces that have become very popular on the wave of self-isolation are quite limited in the choice of hand massagers.

As often happens, the Chinese company Xiaomi caught the trend and released its PMA-C20 sleeve massager

How to choose a hand massager 3
How to choose a hand massager 3

Let’s read the description:

The massage effect is achieved through several types of treatments. The main one is infrared radiation based on a safe heating element. It provokes the circulatory system to work more actively, accelerating muscle recovery.

This mechanical effect is supplemented by massaging pads that gently squeeze the palm and wrist area, simulating a simple manual massage.

The PMA-C20 is controlled using touch buttons on its outer surface next to the screen. The user can choose the intensity and mode of operation. Both children and elderly people can find a suitable program.

What a delightful thing, you say!

However, as all admirers of the Xiaomi brand are well aware, if it is not about the means of data transmission, the company rarely releases “revolutionary” products. Most often, a well-pumped product that already exists on the market is taken as a basis and a commercial copy is made.

This happened in this case as well. Very similar massagers (only much more compact) can already be purchased in Russia (Xiaomi does not supply its massager in Russia yet). For example, consider hand massager Marutaka Hand LWG

How to choose a hand massager 4
How to choose a hand massager 4

Hand massager Marutaka hand lwg

The methodology of the massage is based on the principle of the old oriental practice of Japanese massage shiatsu and pressotherapy.

The fingers of the hand and palm are alternately captured by one of the two chambers of the massager, and are worked out with imitation of the work of a masseur

The result of using daily hand and wrist massage procedures is an improvement in muscle elasticity, rejuvenation of joints, elimination of hand pain after active work or sports, and rejuvenation of the skin of the hands.

Breo iPalm520 Electric Acupressure Palm Hand Finger Massager with Air Pressure Heat Compress and LCD Display for a Gift of Fingers Strain/Numbness Relief (LCD Version)

  • Generating numerous international patents and design awards by the in-house R&D Team, Design Team, and manufacturers, Breo has become the leading professional in industry since 2000 with a dedicated attitude toward developing wellness products. It combines air pressure and heat compression technology to help you increase circulation and relieving the hand and fingers in the most soothing and beneficial massage way.
  • Reflexology Session Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to specific areas of the body that are believed to correspond to a different organ, gland or zone. iPalm520 focuses on the hand to provide targeted massage that makes you feel so relaxed and revitalized. We believe that the regular and proper stimulus to the palm can benefit internal organs in a long run.
  • Air pressure massage technology: It applies a soothing massage experience to the entire hand and fingers including both the top and bottom of the hand.
  • Deep-infrared energy: provides comforting heat to the hand 98F or 107F (35/42C) to promote the healthy blood circulation, soothe the muscles, reduce hand fatigue, discomfort, soreness, numbness and cold fingers and hands.
  • Stellar Customer Care, Purchase with 200% confidence: We are always dedicated to serve our customers, and thrive on offering the premium qualified products and excellent after-sales service. SHOULD THERE BE ANY PROBLEMS WITH YOUR BREO PRODUCTS, PLEASE DIRECTLY REACH OUT TO OUR UNITED-STATES-BASED PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM. They are always responsive and helpful! FULL REFUND is ganranteed if you are not satisfied with our products and services within 30 days.

It should be noted that this device is one of the most “sophisticated” in the company’s model range.

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