5 Best Chest Exercises on Trainers

We have selected the 5 most effective exercises, using a variety of simulators, with which you can qualitatively load your chest.

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5 Best Chest Exercises on Trainers
5 Best Chest Exercises on Trainers

Remember to pump your breasts no more than once a week. This way, your muscles will get enough stress and have time to fully recover before the next workout.

Exercises for the chest on simulators

1 Smith Machine Bench Press

The Smith machine frees the stabilizer muscles from the load and therefore allows you to load the pectorals as efficiently as possible. In this exercise, the machine will give you a trajectory and isolate your chest muscles. Also, this method of pressing will be relevant if you train without the help of a partner, reducing the risk of being crushed by the bar.

5 Best Chest Exercises on Trainers 2
5 Best Chest Exercises on Trainers 2

Execution technique:

1. Set the bench back to the desired position (when performing the exercise on an incline bench, the load is shifted to the upper chest).

2. Lie on a bench and grab the bar with a wide grip.

3. As you inhale, lower the barbell to your chest, and as you exhale, powerfully squeeze it up.

2 Seated Machine Press

This exercise simulates a bench press and, unlike the first, is performed while sitting in the machine. In this exercise, the load is also removed from the stabilizer muscles and, depending on the design of the simulator and the trajectory of movement of the handles, the load is shifted to the upper, middle or lower chest.

5 Best Chest Exercises on Trainers 3
5 Best Chest Exercises on Trainers 3

Execution technique:

1. Adjust the seat of the machine so the handlebars are at chest level.

2. Sit on the machine with your lower back firmly pressed against the back. Feet rest on the floor.

3. Inhale, and as you exhale, bending your arms at the elbows, squeeze the handles up.

4. Slowly return to the starting position.

3 Reduction of hands in the Butterfly simulator

This exercise will give your breasts more definition and stretch, which in turn will improve blood circulation. When performing this exercise, it is important not to relax the muscles when extending the arms in the opposite direction. This will keep your breasts in constant tension, which will undoubtedly improve your results.

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5 Best Chest Exercises on Trainers 4
5 Best Chest Exercises on Trainers 4

Execution technique:

1. Adjust the height of the machine seat so the handles are at chest level.

2. Sit on the machine and rest your back against the back.

3. Inhale, as you exhale, begin to bring the handles of the simulator in front of you. At the end point of the trajectory, squeeze and tense the pectoral muscles as much as possible while holding the peak contraction for 1-2 seconds.

3. Slowly and under control return to the starting position.

4 Reduction of hands on the upper block while standing

This exercise is similar in principle to the previous one, but unlike it, in the block simulator, more stabilizer muscles are involved in the work, due to which strength qualities and general muscle endurance are better developed.

5 Best Chest Exercises on Trainers 5
5 Best Chest Exercises on Trainers 5

Execution technique:

1. Take the handles of the upper block and hold them in slightly bent arms at shoulder level. Place one foot in front for more stability.

2. As you exhale, bring your arms in front of you due to the tension of the pectoral muscles.

3. While inhaling, return to the starting position.

5 Reduction of hands on the lower block lying

This is an effective exercise to isolate the pectoral muscles after basic exercises. The cables allow continuous muscle tension throughout the entire range of motion. Use it last on the day of your chest workout to push your muscles to failure.

5 Best Chest Exercises on Trainers 6
5 Best Chest Exercises on Trainers 6

Execution technique:

1. Place the bench on the cable trainer. Take the handles of the lower block with the grip upside down and lie on the bench. Spread your arms slightly bent at the elbows to the sides, parallel to the floor.

2. On exhalation, straining your pectoral muscles, bring your hands together in front of you.

3. While inhaling, slowly return to the starting position.

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