Choosing a suitable simulator

Disputes about which is better: to work out in the gym, or to buy a simulator at home is one of the most acute and long-standing topics among fitness fans. Both options have their pros and cons and depend on the person’s temperament. Someone vitally needs to communicate with others, to recharge their mood and striving for the goal, to someone, on the contrary, visiting public places seems unnecessary when it comes to such an “intimate” issue as modeling your body. Everyone chooses his own, but if you are a fan of home activities, our article will help you choose a simulator that suits you personally, because the right choice is a guarantee that the projectile will not become an excellent “hanger” for clothes later on. The first step is to decide what the apparatus is for. … If the task is to form muscle mass, achieve beautiful body lines, then your choice is a power trainer, designed for pumping muscles and working with weights. If you need to lose extra pounds, strengthen the cardiovascular system, in this case your indispensable assistant is a cardio trainer, which increases the heart rate during training and forces the body to actively burn calories.

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Choosing a suitable simulator
Choosing a suitable simulator

Strength training equipment

The simplest strength training equipment is considered to be ordinary dumbbells and barbells, which belong to the class of equipment “with free weights”, as well as a horizontal bar, parallel bars, wall bars, benches and racks designed for training using their own body weight (“under their own weight”) And, although this equipment is more of a sports equipment than pure trainers, exercises with it are the most effective. Any competent instructor knows many free weights exercises that can give better results than training on a machine. And exercises under their own weight allow you to develop such parameters inaccessible to complex units as flexibility and endurance.


  • High efficiency – Minimum acquisition costs


  • To avoid injury, it is important to know the exercises you need and follow the correct technique for performing them. So, in any case, you cannot do without consulting a specialist.
Choosing a suitable simulator  2
Choosing a suitable simulator 2


Another type of strength training equipment – stack, that is, “with built-in weights” – due to its safety, it is better suited for beginners. Weights in such devices are moved using ropes and blocks, and the load level is changed by rearranging the key from one weight to another. Stack simulators allow you to work out each muscle group separately. This is very convenient, because in case of contraindications to the load of any part of the body, you can safely pump all other muscles. While highly specialized exercise equipment is usually installed in the gym, manufacturers produce multifunctional equipment for home use.


  • Safer machine compared to “free weights” – Excellent muscle loading in addition to “free weights”


  • The more exercise options, the lower the point effect on a specific muscle – Requires a lot of space, spoils the aesthetics of the room – High price


the choice and operation of strength training equipment requires a serious approach, before starting classes, be sure to get a doctor’s permission, and during training, observe safety rules.

Choosing a suitable simulator 3
Choosing a suitable simulator 3

Cardio equipment (aerobic equipment)

If your top priority is burning fat, then strength machines will not help you with this, as they only increase muscle volume, but do not contribute to getting rid of excess weight. In addition to burning calories efficiently, regular aerobic exercise helps to strengthen muscles, as well as exercise the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

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  • Bigger head Door anchor, easy to Use – bigger head Door attachment can be more convenient and safer, totally free your worry about the slipping.


Treadmill– the most effective way to get rid of extra pounds. It allows you to engage in the most natural aerobic activity for a person – walking or running. Tracks are basically divided into two types: mechanical and electronic. In the first case, the treadmill moves with the help of muscle forces, in the second, with the help of electricity in accordance with the selected load. Many electrical models can adjust the load during training depending on the person’s heart rate. When choosing a treadmill, pay attention to the presence of special shock absorbers, which can reduce the load on the joints, protecting you from unwanted injuries.


  • High efficiency – Choice between walking and running – Careful workout of the deep core muscles responsible for coordination


  • Mechanical treadmill is not very comfortable for running – Electric treadmill takes up too much space – A wide list of contraindications to running: too much weight, varicose veins, problems with the spine or knee joints


Stepper simulates a person climbing stairs and is a simulator with two pedals, which alternately move up and down during operation. It targets more active work on the back of the legs and buttocks. Large steppers differ from mini-apparatus in that they have levers for the arms, which allow additional load on the shoulder girdle. In addition, large steppers are usually equipped with a computer that regulates the load, determines the frequency of steps and their rhythm, counts the pulse and gives information about the calories spent during the workout.


  • Independent pedal attachment that allows you to adjust the load separately for each leg – Even the largest stepper takes up less space than any other cardio equipment – Models without handrails can be easily stowed under the bed or in the closet – Low cost – Easy to use


  • Danger of injury to the knee joints – Excessive stress on the hip joint – This type of exercise is contraindicated in case of varicose veins and pronounced vascular networks

Exercise bikes

Exercise bikes are very popular. The simplest mechanical models provide a load on the legs due to the tension force of the belt (belt), or due to the resistance of the brake pads (shoe). In more advanced simulators with a magnetic load system, the level of effort is set by changing the distance between the electromagnets and the flywheel. Magnetic exercise bikes are more efficient and quieter than mechanical ones. Especially for those who suffer from varicose veins, or have a weak spine, horizontal exercise bikes have been created.


  • The simulator is suitable for people with knee, spine and obesity problems – Advanced models can count speed, time and heart rate and have ready-made programs for different purposes.


  • Inability to fold the projectile during storage – Pads and belt wear out quickly and require replacement – Mechanical trainers may seem uncomfortable due to jerky movement

Elliptical trainer (cross trainer)

Elliptical trainer (cross trainer) was invented relatively recently, in 1995. It simultaneously combines the advantages of an exercise bike, a stepper and a treadmill. During the ellipsoid workout, both feet are on the floating platforms, and the hands hold the levers. There is a busting of arms and legs, during which each foot moves not only up and down, as on a stepper, but describes an oval. Since the legs are in a bent state, the main load is on the muscles, while it is minimal on the knee and ankle joints and the spine. The movement of the hands contributes to an even distribution of the load on all muscle groups, the back, gluteal muscles and even the abdominal muscles are worked out.

By design, ellipsoids are divided into mechanical (set in motion by human force), magnetic (the braking system is built on a natural magnet) and electromagnetic. The latest models are the most durable, the quietest with the most accurate load control. As a rule, they are able not only to establish a specific training program, but also to check how the loads correspond to the level of fitness.


  • Does not stress the joints, there is no shock load on the spine – More intense training than walking – Allows you to work out the muscles of the chest, shoulders, arms and back


  • A good ellipsoid is too bulky and heavy – Even folding models are difficult to assemble for storage
Choosing a suitable simulator 4
Choosing a suitable simulator 4

Rowing machine

And, finally, the rowing machine is a machine that combines aerobic loads with strength, training on it is as close as possible to natural rowing and involves almost the entire body: muscles of the arms, legs, gluteal muscles, abs and back. Rowing machines are subdivided into mechanical and electronic, sometimes there are also hydraulic ones, where the load is created by cylinders with water. For ease of use, the simulators are equipped with a computer that records the training time, the number of strokes per minute and measures the pulse. For added motivation, they sometimes have a monitor with a picture of a man on a boat to compete with.

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The width and height of the simulator are small – about 60 centimeters, and the possible length starts from 125 centimeters. Due to their low “height”, simulators of this type can be easily stored in a small apartment.


Universal machine, loads almost all the muscles of the body – The unusual workout makes it very attractive after mastering the simulator


If there are problems with the lumbar spine, it is very important to observe the correct technique of movements, otherwise there is a risk of injury to the back.


IMPORTANT: Although cardio training is very beneficial for the body and affects it quite gently, they also have some contraindications, so before buying such a simulator, consult your doctor.

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