Does the massager help to remove the belly? Massager myths!

Now on the market of products for weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, there are many devices and aids for losing weight and improving the shape and appearance of various parts of the body. Among all these devices, one can distinguish such a type of device as massagers. Many potential buyers of these devices are interested in whether the massager helps to remove the stomach?

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Does the massager help to remove the belly? Massager myths!
Does the massager help to remove the belly? Massager myths!

Types of Slimming Massagers

Except for some very exotic varieties of weight loss massagers, there are several main types of such massagers:

  • Manual massagers (which you apply to the body)
  • Slimming belts (which you wear around your waist)
  • Vibration machines (these are machines with special belts and belts that transmit vibration to your body)

Usually, people, talking about weight loss massagers, mean one of these options. All these types of massagers have a common principle of operation – exposure to vibration. Some of them, judging by the manufacturers’ statements, may emit special waves and signals that help to lose weight, but the reliability of such statements remains in question. This may be just an unscrupulous marketing ploy, and even if they do emit something, the effectiveness of these radiation for weight loss is in doubt.

Why do people like to believe in weight loss massagers?

People from time immemorial have tried to find simple solutions to their problems. This explains the popularity of such massagers. Agree, the idea of ​​losing weight without effort and dieting sounds very attractive. Every person who wants to get rid of the belly and improve their figure, deep down, dreams of achieving these results quickly and easily.

But this is where the catch lies, because all these simulators cannot have any significant effect on losing weight and getting rid of the stomach. There is practically no logical reason for this.

Of course, the manufacturers of massagers assure you that vibration has miraculous properties. According to them, it “breaks down” fat, improves metabolism, improves well-being and mood, and makes you look 20 years younger. And all this will happen quickly and easily, without any effort on your part. Do you really continue to believe all this?

Does the massager help to remove the belly? Massager myths! 2
Does the massager help to remove the belly? Massager myths! 2

This is very easy to believe, because in the advertisements of all these massagers, we see athletic people, fitness models who train on them. You’d think they became so athletic because of the use of these massagers.

Well, this is a beautiful fairy tale, but it’s time to take the noodles off your ears. Neither vibration nor magic radiation will help you remove your belly. This is done in a completely different way. And it will take effort from you!

What really needs to be done to remove the belly?

To answer many questions of people far from fitness and bodybuilding, you often have to retell the obvious common truths from time to time. Sometimes it gets tired, but there is no getting away from it. Without understanding these basic principles, you will not be able to remove your hated belly.

Therefore, let’s repeat these principles again. So, the most important thing in losing weight and getting rid of the stomach is diet. Remember once and for all. Just don’t confuse diet with fasting. These are two different things.

A proper diet will not require you to suffer from hunger. A good diet involves regular, moderate calorie restriction. If you do it right, then the reduction in calories will be very insignificant for you, and you simply will not feel it.

The second important part in getting rid of the belly is choosing the right exercises.

What, after all, can be useful vibrating massagers?

Finally, I must say that you can get some benefit from using vibrating massagers. We are talking about those cases when people lead a sedentary lifestyle, and their body simply stagnates. Some of them are simply too lazy to do physical education, while others really do not have such an opportunity (although, very often, laziness is justified by the lack of opportunity).

In this case, regular use of the massager will help somehow “shake up” the body. The massager can enhance blood circulation and activate metabolic processes in the massaged area of ​​the body. For an active person, this will not be enough, but with a sedentary lifestyle it will be better than nothing at all.

If you also belong to this category of people, you need, first of all, to think about regular physical activity, and not rely only on massagers.

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