Rowing machine – training rules

Read on for how to properly train on a rowing machine.

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Rowing can give phenomenal results … if you do it right!

Rowing machine - training rules
Rowing machine – training rules

To determine the number and duration of classes per week, you must clearly understand the goal to strive for. With a rowing machine you can:

  • lose weight;
  • improve overall physical condition;
  • achieve new heights in sports.

The rowing machine is a good weight loss tool.

The likelihood of joint damage is low, and the dynamic load on the muscles reaches 70%. In one lesson, an ordinary person burns 600-1000 kcal per hour, for an experienced athlete this figure exceeds 1200 kcal per hour. The optimal indicator for a healthy man is spending 2500 kcal per day, and for a woman – 2000.

A rowing machine is a great fitness tool.

Indoor simulator training can be a good complement to running, strength training, and fitness training. Already after 6-8 weeks of intensive training on the simulator, the rower can significantly improve the speed of passing the distance set for himself.

What elements should a proper rowing machine workout include?

Below are recommendations for organizing the training process. They can only be used as an introduction. Before starting training, it is recommended to consult a doctor to establish the optimal level of exercise.

Once you have established your goals, you should review the guidelines and training elements below.

Warm up

Before any physical activity, it is necessary to warm up the muscles. This will reduce the risk of injury and prepare the body for exercise. Dynamic warm-up is essential for everyone who uses the simulator. Warm-up includes a set of exercises aimed at general warming up of the body and muscle development.

An example of a warm-up might look like this: a general warm-up using general development exercises. For example, bend as low as possible to the floor, then straighten up. The intensity of movement at the beginning of the warm-up increases gradually. The dynamic warm-up increases the range of possible movements and enhances muscle performance. It is also performed by professional athletes. Light jogging, high leg raises, jumping from the support while sitting are also suitable as a warm-up. By the end of the warm-up, the pulse should increase slightly. Professional rowers in 10 minutes warm-up increase the rate of beats per minute to 100.

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Weight Loss Workout

To lose weight, you need to choose such an intensity of training so that you spend the allotted time for the lesson at the same pace, while maintaining good rowing technique. For those who find this method of training monotonous, the Fartlek method (Speed-Play) below can be used.

Interval training

The lesson consists of a series of loads with rest intervals in between. Rest allows you to recover and train for longer or more intense workouts. The duration of the exercise series depends on the intended training goal.

The effect of a workout depends on the intensity with which you row. It is extremely important to observe the load and rest regimes given in the table.

Fartlek training (Fast-Slow)

In Swedish, Fartlek means “Fast-Slow”. This training method combines periods of intense and slow rowing. This way of training is good for keeping you motivated during extended sessions and is also a great way to improve your overall fitness.

Some examples of training using the Fartlek method:

Example 1 Paddle 5 km at the following pace: 200 m high intensity, 200 m low intensity, 600 m moderate intensity. Repeat 5 times.

Example 2 20 minute workout: 1 minute vigorous rowing, 1 minute low intensity, 3 minutes medium intensity. Repeat 5 times. This type of activity is very flexible. The duration of vigorous rowing should be short so that rowing times with moderate intensity are maintained at an acceptable level.

Cardio workout

Rowing machine is a great tool and can be part of any training process. Rowing can complement training with other sports (running, fitness, volleyball). If you have the opportunity to train two to three times a week, you can create a balanced schedule that includes rowing and other sports.

A few examples cardio workout on rowing machine:

Aerobic Training – Basic Row 20-40 minutes at moderate intensity (18-22 strokes per minute)

Pyramid During this workout, the stroke rate first increases and then decreases.

For example: 4 minutes – 18 strokes / min, 3 minutes – 20 strokes / min, 2 minutes – 22 strokes / min, 1 minute – 24 strokes / min, 2 minutes – 22 strokes / min, 3 minutes – 20 strokes / min, 4 minutes – 18 strokes / min = TOTAL 19 minutes

Workouts to improve athletic performance

Those who already have rowing experience and have specific goals to improve their performance should know the correct methodology to improve their performance.

For example, it takes 6-8 weeks of intense training to improve your 2K time. It is necessary to take into account the loads during exercise, since with an increase in the intensity of training, more lactic acid, or lactate, is released in the body. Excessive amounts of lactic acid in muscles can lead to discomfort after exercise, so you need to carefully monitor your well-being by adjusting the length of periods of exercise and rest.

Increased anaerobic threshold

Aerobic capacity is most effectively developed with interval training, although, if desired, you can use the Fartlek technique or constant continuous loads. If you exceed your upper limit of lactic acid in your body, you will be tired at the end of your workout. You need to be prepared enough to maintain 24-32 strokes per minute.

Anaerobic training

Classes are short in time, but high in intensity. They require good technique, as they lead to significant body fatigue. Effort in training does not require a lot of calories, but it develops the ability to produce a lot of energy quickly (anaerobically) very well, and reduces the effect of lactic acid. This is achieved with interval training or the Fartlek method with a high stroke rate.


Recovery is an important and essential part of every workout. It won’t take much time to complete. The cool down allows you to:

  • restore normal blood pressure;
  • reduce the amount of lactic acid received by the muscles during intense exercise;
  • develop flexibility.


Stretching is considered part of the cool down. All sports require good muscle flexibility. For example, rowing, in addition to other muscle groups, requires good hamstring flexibility. There are various types of stretches to keep your muscles flexible. Here are some guidelines. The stretch should be at least 5 minutes long.

Static stretching is performed to increase flexibility and mobility. Stretching is carried out in slow movements to the final position until mild discomfort, but not pain, is obtained. The execution time is 30 seconds.

Dynamic stretching – most often used as a warm-up, but can also be done to cool down. Controlled movements are performed in the amount necessary for your workout.

Workout monitoring

Studies have shown that people who monitor their workouts and record the results in a special journal will achieve their goals faster.

Choosing the right rowing machine will help you achieve good results faster!

Rowing machines with water resistance for professional athletes, fitness clubs and ambitious amateurs is produced by First Degree Fitness (Australia), founded in 2000. The company uses innovative technologies to create simulators that meet the highest requirements.FDF rowing machines have perfection in mechanics, have a modern design and a huge margin of safety.

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