Top 5 effective outdoor exercise machines

Top 5 effective outdoor exercise machines
Top 5 effective outdoor exercise machines

Today we will talk about the effectiveness of modern outdoor exercise equipment.

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Today, there is such a growing trend as outdoor exercise equipment. They do not exist in every courtyard, but they can be found in most cities. Recently, they have become very fond of many athletes.

The popularization of a sports lifestyle has led to the fact that in cities they began to massively replace old horizontal bars and parallel bars with whole sports grounds, where you can train each muscle group for free. And it’s really cool!

Let’s take a look at the main advantages of modern outdoor exercise equipment:

1. Possibility of regular outdoor sports activities.

2. Sports simulators help to develop and strengthen certain muscle groups, increase the functionality of various body systems.

3. The availability of exercise equipment for both adults and children.

4. The simulators are intuitive, so everyone can understand their operation.

5. Ability to use the equipment free of charge and at any time.

6. Classes are held in the fresh air, which is very beneficial for the body.

Based on the above, we conclude that there are many advantages. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to this type of sports equipment.

Now let’s move on to the five best, in my opinion, outdoor exercise machines. Having worked out on such simulators, I decided to highlight the most effective ones. I made this top based on my sports experience. So, the top is arranged in order from the last to the first:

Number 5. Stepper.

Top 5 effective outdoor exercise machines 2
Top 5 effective outdoor exercise machines 2

Stepper work simulates climbing a ladder, but the movements are smoother, thereby reducing the stress on the joints. Popular with older people with leg problems, especially women. Excellent load on the quadriceps and calf muscles. Stepper exercises allow you to work out the gluteal and lumbar muscles, as well as the front and back of the thigh. This equipment trains the cardiovascular system, helps to lose weight and tone the muscles of the legs and buttocks.

Number 4. Ellipsoid.

Top 5 effective outdoor exercise machines 3
Top 5 effective outdoor exercise machines 3

Exercises on this machine help you develop muscles in your legs, buttocks, back, arms, shoulders and abs. The advantage of this simulator is that there is no heavy load on the joints, which is noted when exercising on a treadmill, which allows you to increase the duration of physical exercises.

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Number 3. Bench press.

Top 5 effective outdoor exercise machines 4
Top 5 effective outdoor exercise machines 4

This simulator is an imitation of the bench press. Engages and works well the muscles of the chest and shoulders. Has free pancake weights. That is, the progression of weights is possible, therefore, the growth of muscle mass.

Number 2. Deadlift.

Top 5 effective outdoor exercise machines 5
Top 5 effective outdoor exercise machines 5

This machine is also an imitation of the popular and powerful deadlift exercise. Exercising on the simulator will build muscle and strengthen the muscles of the back, legs and lower back, as well as increase endurance.

Number 1. Hyperextension.

Top 5 effective outdoor exercise machines 6
Top 5 effective outdoor exercise machines 6

The simulator is simple in structure, but so effective in strengthening the muscles of the back, especially the lower back. I believe that if you have this simulator near your place of residence, you should pay attention to it. Recently, I myself have begun to pay attention to the lumbar region, since it is an important part of our body.

Here is such a top-5 I managed to make up personally. I really hope that the simulators will attract your attention, and you will conduct training using these simulators.

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